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The weld on bracket kit deals with the instant center issue and upper control mounts.
This control arm kit from SSM Performance is designed to bolt an Ford Explorer rear end into GM G-Body, this includes Monte Carlo, Malibu, El Camino, Regal, Grand National, Grand Prix and Cutlass and many others. These upper control arms are built at the correct angle and length to attach to the the truss and chassis. The relocation bracket kit will allow for proper instant center (geometry) changes. The adjustable lower control arms allow you to center rear.
(Found in Ford Explorer)


  • Ring gear measures 8.8".
  • 31 Spline axle shafts with a 1.32" diameter
  • Ratios: 2.26, 2.47, 2.73, 3.08, 3.27, 3.31, 3.45, 3.55, 3.73, 4.10 & 4.56, 5.14

Door codes that are limited slip (posi)

  • D1 3.27
  • D2 4.10
  • D4 3.73
  • D5 3.55
  • L73 3.73

These are stronger than the Mustang 8.8 with 28 spline


Our extreme duty control arms allow for pinion angle adjustment for reduced vibration and increased traction. Our exclusive Polyurethane bushings offer controlled positioning during suspension travel which improves traction and rear suspension efficiency. This item is a must for any high horsepower
Benefits: Pinion angle adjustments for improved traction and reduced wheel hop. Heavy duty construction for long lasting durability on the street or track. Complete ready to bolt-in and most kits includes polyurethane rear end housing bushings.

  • 2, Adjustable lower arms
  • 2, Double Adjustable upper arms
  • 2, Upper control arm mounts
  • 2, 2 hole lower adjustable control arm mounts
  • 2, coil spring pads
  • 1, axle truss
  • Ford 8.8 NOT included

The control arm kit is all bolt on. The simple fabrication to the rear-end obviously will require welding.

These are truly overkill! All grade 8 hardware is included. Made in USA!
All parts are custom built in house. Indianapolis Indiana
Please give us a call before your purchase to make sure this is the right kit for you. We have several kits available for different types of cars.

These are stronger than the Mustang 8.8 with 28 spline

The control arm kit is only $400 and the truss/ bracket kit is only $200.

Common questions...

Q. What years of Explorer do I look for?
A. 1991-2001. Earlier models have drum brakes and later have disks.

Q. Do I need to narrow the rearend to fit.
A. NO.

Q. Does the rear need to be centered?
NO. The u-joint will work at the slight angle with no issues.

Q. How wide is the Explorer 8.8"?
A. The 8.8 will be a bit wider than stock. 3/4" each side. Stock 7.5" is 58" and the Explorer 8.8" is 59.5".

Q. What wheel and backspacing is needed?
A. 4.5 BS on 8" and 5.5" on 9". The Explorer rear will give you 6-3/8" clearance between the frame rail and the wheel mounting surface.

Q. Do I need to redrill my axles and rotors?
A. No. Just use a Ford pattern wheel to keep cost down.

Q. Will I need to shorten my driveshaft.
A. NO. You will need to replace the rear u-joint.

Q. Can I still run tailpipes with the truss kit?
A. Yes, we have used 2-1/2" and 3" tailpipes with this.

How much power can the truss take? Unlike the common trusses that you see on the market that have only one piece of bent steel that has to be tied into the differential cover to make it suitable for use, our trusses have a 1/4" main hoop structure and then have two 3/16" boxed gussets all of which is made from 100,000 min yield steel to make them incredibly strong. You will also notice that the boxed gussets are narrower than the main hoop. We did this so that you will have no butt welds but have the stronger T weld. We intentionally do not have unnecessary material added to the top of the truss. Our truss top plate is made from 1/2" and if you add more material to the top it just makes it hard to achieve the proper instant center geometry. We have tested the model in Solid Works Simulation Professional (computer load testing program) and real world test and feel this is the way to go. The addition of the welded boxed 3/16 Gussets increases the welding surface area of the truss on your axle tubes to distribute the loads that your axle will encounter. With the increased foot print of our trusses they will also add structural rigidity to your axle and help prevent your axle from bending and warping. This truss system was designed with a state of the art 3D CAD software and plasma cut on a cnc table. Like all of our products our trusses are made from high-strength American steel. If you shop around you will find that our truss systems are the best product for your four and three link suspension needs. Completely over built for automotive applications, as are our control arms. They have been tested at 1500 HP and 1300 lbs of torque (540 BBC 12 PSI on methanol), If you are making more than that I would suggest going to a tube chassis or let us build you something to better suit your needs.