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A2DAU Double Adjustable Upper Control Arms GM A Body 1968-1972

$239.99 $199.99

Southside Machine Double Adjustable Upper Control Arms allow you to adjust your vehicles pinion angle and recenter the rearend while installed on the car for optimum performance, precise handling and improved traction.This control arm kit is a direct bolt-on replacement designed to minimize wheel hop, improve corning and help track consistency. Stock control arms are on the borderline of junk, bushing deflection and rusting weak stamped material add for traction loss and poor handling ability. Whether your car is a weekend cruiser or weekend track addict this kit works on all applications. Adjusting your vehicles pinion angle is must when wanting to lower your track 60-foot times, increase traction and reduce unwanted wheel hop. Adjustable upper control arms are constructed of CNC machined 0.250" steel mounting plates and, DOM tubing and rebuildable poly bushings to handle the most severe abuse you can throw at them.


These are truly overkill! All grade 8 hardware is included. Made in USA.


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71-72 Buick Skylark
71-72 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
68-70 Oldsmobile 442
68-70 Oldsmobile Cutlass
68-70 Pontiac Lemans
71-72 Pontiac GTO
71-72 Pontiac Lemans
68-70 Pontiac Tempest
68-70 Buick Skylark
71-72 Oldsmobile Cutlass
68-70 Chevrolet El Camino
68-70 Chevrolet Malibu
70-70 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
68-70 Chevrolet Chevelle
68-70 Pontiac GTO
71-72 Chevrolet Chevelle
71-72 Chevrolet El Camino
71-72 Chevrolet Malibu
71-72 Oldsmobile 442