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Southside Machine Performance offers a full range of high quality machine shop services offering competitive pricing and expert technical advice. We utilize extensive skills base in all aspects of manufacture and repair of components and assemblies for all industries. Broad capabilities encompass the repair, design and manufacture of small to large, small batch to high volume, and simple to complex projects.

We have the experience to determine the best, fastest and most cost effective repair method for your specific situation. From problems with high speed production, packaging and printing machinery, to broken or worn parts on material handling equipment. Our extensive experience assures that you’ll be up and running quickly.


Southside Machine Performance can resurface all types and sizes of flywheels including flat, domestic and import stepped and heavy duty recessed. We ‘plunge grind’ all flywheels which means the entire contact surface is ground at the same time ensuring controlled accuracy, removal of hard spots and assuring a quality job. In many instances we can resurface your flywheels while you wait, saving you time and money.